Custom Gage Design and Construction for Manufacturing

Verify and Control your Manufacturing Process

ESE’s gage design capabilities ranges from simple flush pins to fully automatic in-line gauges.  We can enable manufacturers to analyze and control their production process by incorporating post-process data collection into the gage.  Utilizing cutting-edge inspection equipment, the accuracy capability of our gages can split microns.

Simple handheld go/no-go attribute gages can be a cost-effective means to catch out-of-tolerance product before it is shipped to the customer.  Variable hand gages equipped with digital indicators can be used for periodic checks on a machining tool’s performance.

More complex measurements will require part fixturing to produce reliable results.  ESE can design semi-automatic gages that automatically clamp the workpiece and engage inspection devices.  We typically incorporate digital probes enabling measurement data to be collected onto a PC.  This data can then be analyzed with software such as GageSoft’s GageMate.

For fully automated production systems, ESE can design and install an in-line automatic gage.  When inspection data is required on 100% of product, our gages can be designed for high speed reliable measurements.  In addition, when an out-of-tolerance part is detected, the gage automation can re-route the part off of the production line into a separate reject outfeed.  If too many rejects are detected, the gage can be interfaced to upstream process equipment to halt production and require quality control personnel intervention saving manufacturers from major losses.  Automated gages are often incorporated at the end-of-line of an assembly process.  Learn more about ESE’s assembly machine design capabilities here.


In addition to designing gage stations, we can also design the matching robot end-of-arm tooling for your automated robot cell to guarantee compatibility!  Learn more about our robot end-of-arm tooling here.

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