Fully Automatic 15-Op. Assembly & Grease Cell for 4 part types with changeover tooling verification

Fully Automatic 15 Operation Assembly and Greasing Machine

This machine assembles and greases automotive chassis tie-rod ball joints.  The machine capable of running four workpiece variants with modular quick changeover tooling.  The modular nature of the tooling increases the machine’s capability to easily develop additional workpiece variants for future production contracts with minimal investment.

This assembly cell requires only two operators to handle workpiece components entering and exiting the machine.  Components are loaded onto pallets which are fed into the machine via accumulation conveyors.  The machine inspects each component on the conveyor before transferring the components to the main assembly tables.

A production workorder can be scanned via bar-code and the machine will automatically prompt operators instructions for changeover.  The machine will verify the correct components are being fed into the machine for the active workorder as well as count the number of finished assemblies exiting the machine.

The automation utilizes five robots for handling workpieces.  Three robots transfer workpieces to and from the main assembly tables.   The other two robots are used for assembly operations.

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