Custom Gauges

Post-Machining Gage Station

This gage station performs several inspections on a workpiece post-machining, pre-assembly.  The gage can accept mirrored variants of the workpiece using shared locating components.

A set of attribute inspections for true position of multiple machined holes are collected by clamping the part into the fixture and then go/no-go pins are simultaneously pneumatically actuated into the machined holes.

A separate fixture inspects machined pad datum positions relative to a ball joint cavity.  A spring actuated collet centers the ball joint cavity while also holding the workpiece in place.

The gage station also houses several other hand gages to perform additional inspections, such as groove runout.  While the workpiece is held in place by the collet used in the previous inspection, the hand gages can conveniently access the remaining features.

In addition to post-machining gage designs, ESE can also design the workholding fixture for your machining center.  Learn more about our fixture design services here.

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